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We here at Dirty Knights, believe in family.  We have a long history of working in a customer service industry and take customer relationships to a new level by treating all our clients as family.  As a result, we provide our family members with the best, original brand sex dolls available on the market.  We work closely with the quality manufacturers and follow the production of your purchase from start to finish, to ensure that it’s created to your exact specifications and shipped in a timely manner.  We aren’t middlemen, we are the resource that takes care of everything and ensures your investment is 100% guaranteed.  You have a passion for sex dolls, and your passion is our passion!


There are many sex dolls for sale in USA, why yours?

This question is easy to answer.  In fact, the simple truth is that we carry industry leading original WM Doll, 6YE, Dollhouse168, Piper Dolls, and Doll-Forever brands.  It is these brands that are leading industry standards that other brands tend to copy from.  Our relationship to those companies are sealed in stone, we’ve toured their facilities, met with the owners and only deal with them directly.  In fact, for our customers looking for high quality doll but at a lower price point, we also carry AIBEI brand dolls, newer in the industry, but very impressive build quality and design!


As your trusted sex doll shop USA, you will get:

  •  A USA Company selling sex dolls at pricing you can afford

  •  Fantastic sales, service and information you can rely on

  •  A well tuned online shop to safely purchase from, now and in the future

  •  Customized options for a unique doll experience

  •  Plenty of payment options for your sex dolls including easy financing and Crypto Currency!



We pride ourselves in making sure everything is right when you order, however sometimes things can be out of our hands and in those hands of others.  Your sex dolls ship internationally and there is always the possibility of some type of damage from those involved in the shipping outside of our company. Therefore, we work with our manufacturers to guarantee that any issues that should arise will be taken care of immediately!  So when you partner with Dirty Knights Sex Dolls, we make sure that you are always in good hands.


The benefits of partnering with Dirty Knights

Shopping for and purchasing your sex dolls from Dirty Knights allows you to become part of our extended family.  As part of our extended family, we look out for your best interests and needs and continue to build upon our relationship by offering family only specials and discounts.  This means we don’t just sell and forget, you are always on our mind!   In fact, the business you send our way, provides jobs and opportunities for people here in the good old USA, so we take our relationship very serious.  So with that, we welcome YOU to the Dirty Knights Family!

Want to know more about purchasing our sex dolls or just want more information about sex dolls in general?  If so, reach out to our team by e-mail or phone and give them the opportunity to help find out if buying one of our sex dolls is the right choice for you!  And while your here, be sure to check out our NEW Sex Doll Lottery as shown on XBIZ

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We Carry HR Doll!



Dirtyknights.com as a sex doll company has been committed to supplying quality and different variety of sex dolls models. In the pursuit of ultimate beauty, our team has decided to search the world for the best sex doll manufacturers just so that our ever-growing customer base should be happy and live their sexual fantasies. Because of our search, we have many different sizes of sex dolls in our collection and all you have to do is click here to choose the sex dolls that suit you the most.

Furthermore, our sex dolls are more than a mere masturbatory device and are intended to allure you and fulfill every human’s wildest dreams. But it doesn’t stop there, the dolls we sell are very soft in all the right places and are tight around the butts so that you will love to snuggle with them in bed.  In no time they will become your passionate companions, ready to partner with you during your wildest fantasies. Each of our sex doll beauties is specially made to arouse the G-Spot of your mind.


Quality Products For A Great Price


Our company, Dirty Knights, offers a considerable dive forward in comparing price and quality. Time will prove that our very realistic sex doll models will provide you enjoyment and gratification, for only a fraction of the cost of what some of the other dealers offer. Quality is never sacrificed for these incredible prices, either. Stunning is how you will describe your marvelous new sex product and you will be proud to display her and show her off to your friends. Importantly, our real dolls will provide you with immense satisfaction and very long service life. Pricing from Dirty Knights is here to win you over and is also the most competitive in the industry by far.


Sex Dolls Quality Assurance


We take pride in all the products we sell as we only provide the best that’s available. Our girls and boys start with robust metal skeletons and finish with quality TPE materials. They are created with extremely realistic features that gives our customers lifelike and memorable experiences every time you use any of our sex doll products. We are continually looking out for the best sex dolls manufacturers as we only deal with quality companies that allow us to provide our customers with the best experience.


Company Goals


Our goals are to see our customers happy and to provide them with long-lasting, quality Sex Dolls. We do this by building a long-term, highly satisfied customer base that is only created when we supply you with the best, latest and the highest quality sex dolls to satisfy your sexual needs.


Committed to our customers; we guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction with our sex products and your positive feedback.



These products are not a new concept, however many people are not familiar with them. In fact, many traditionalists consider sex dolls for sale in USA as wrong, strange and unethical. Despite this, the view is changing fast as more and more people are buying these types of dolls nowadays. As a matter of fact, today you can find amazingly realistic dolls in the market that are made in collaboration with artificial intelligence and virtual reality companies dedicated to moving the tpe dolls industry further into our future.


What makes our dolls for sale in USA highly favored products?


At Dirty Knights, we sell affordable adult looking dolls for interested men or women and also for people in a committed relationship. As a result, our products take your sex life into a different level where you can fulfill your sexual fantasies including the dirtiest ones. We offer a wide variety of dolls to meet the varying needs of different customers including TPE and silicone love dolls, and the brands we sell are 100% authentic, no knock-offs or reproductions.  In other words, we do not fakes nor do we sell child-like dolls that have been talked about recently.


As a responsible and reliable sex dolls shop USA, we offer:


  • Top-quality realistic Love Dolls at affordable prices
  • Responsible customer service
  • The best overall shopping experience
  • Numerous customization options
  • Free shipping and secure payment options
  • Trust and service you can rely on from a well-known provider!


Learn about the important uses and benefits of our sex dolls for sale in the USA


If you want to buy cheap real dolls for sale online, you can rely on Dirty Knights. Our products offer many benefits including fashion, modeling, companionship and sexual release, in fact, you can even use our sex dolls to add a unique sexual experience in a committed relationship. Knowing this, we sell realistic sex dolls that can be used for training in the bed and these sexual workouts can be useful when you are having intercourse with a real woman. Be sure to check out the 2019 Sex Doll Buyers Guide for more information about sex doll care, ownership and what you can expect.


Wiki Sex Dolls?

If you want to know more about real dolls, you can talk to our customer team or for more of a history, read Wikipedia


More about their name:

Modern love dolls have a wide range of names across the globe.  This information is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of the names used to describe the sex dolls that you are shopping for.

In most places, the most widely recognized name is real sex dolls, which might be called real dolls to shorten the expression.  They are called real dolls because of the extreme detail that was included when the doll molding and creation began.  In fact, they are often so realistic, that it’s hard to tell them from real people!

In addition to real doll, many North Americans refer to these wonderful creations as sex dolls.  The name implies that they are used for one purpose only, but in reality, sex dolls are often used for companionship and therapy as well.  Realistic sex dolls can serve a variety of purposes and shouldn’t be viewed as taboo sex dolls or anything else.  The fantasy sex dolls have become so commonplace in our culture, that they often take the place of a “significant other” in a relationship.  In China and other countries where the population has become an issue, this works out well due to the overwhelming population that exists there.  TPE sex dolls help control population size because of course, they can’t become pregnant!  They offer company and sexual gratification to the doll owner without the extra cost associated with a lifetime partner.

Most of the adult dolls being sold on the market are made of TPE, which is short for Thermoplastic Elastomer.  These TPE sex dolls aren’t the only type of adult doll out there.  There is a sex doll made from silicone!  Silicone sex dolls are different than their counterparts in the fact that they are often much more realistic looking.  Not to downplay the realism of TPE dolls at all, but silicone dolls add an additional spectrum of realism that just can’t be duplicated!  They are often firmer to the touch and aren’t quite as real feeling as their counterparts, but this doesn’t stop the industry from pumping them out by the millions.  With either of these materials, a good lube will be required for intercourse.

There is also a new hybrid sex doll out now, the new design incorporates the best of both worlds.  The new doll uses a silicone sex doll head on top of a TPE sex doll body!  This allows the customer to get a doll with extremely realistic facial features and even grafted in the hair (no more wigs!).  This realism can’t be compared to anything else, but the hybrid type dolls are a bit more expensive.  They hybrid sex dolls do include the normal TPE doll body so that the customer can still enjoy the realistic body effect during intercourse, but the visual provided by the silicone head just tops it all off.  The only downfall to this system is that the silicone heads don’t have an oral intercourse function.  So keep that in mind when considering the purchase of this new design.

To sum things up, there are many names that point to the same product.  Whether you call them silicone dolls, real dolls, sex dolls, fantasy sex dolls or just fantasy dolls, TPE dolls, realistic sex dolls or any of the other widely used names, there is one thing that makes them all the same.  And that one thing is that all of them point to the most beautiful sex dolls on the planet!


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