Our Team

Christopher Stafford / Web/SEO Services

Chris has been working with us from the start, and is the brains behind the company website and marketing.  SEO and Website Development, optimization and design are handled by him and several people that are in his network.  The reason you are seeing this page now is the work of Chris!

Lisa Blair / Copywriter

Who breathes and lives for writing?  Lisa does!  From sex doll descriptions, to marketing publications, she plugs away at the keys to bring you the best and most interesting material she can find or invent.  She has a background in professional copy writing and was a clear choice when deciding on a copy writer for Dirty Knights.

Dilya Knight / Accountant

I can’t leave out the numbers guru and also my wife and number one supporter, Dilya.  She has backed my company, its ideas and growth since day one and is a primary reason that I work so diligently to make this company a success.  A true believer in this company, its ideas and in me, I owe everything to her for help me bring Dirty Knights Sex Dolls to life and to have the opportunity to invite YOU into our Dirty Knights Family!  She primarily crunches the numbers and and keeps track of everything all the while finding the time to manage our 2 story restaurant and bar!  Hats off to the hardest working women I know.

Michael Knight / Founder-CEO

And then there is me!  I’m Michael Knight, the founder and creator of Dirty Knights Sex Dolls.  Having recently left our restaurant to focus solely on Dirty Knights, I work night and day, 7 days a week to bring awareness  to the public, not only about my company, but about Sex Dolls in general.  I believe, not only in the function the name implies, but also in the ability for these dolls to be therapeutic to many different people for many different reasons.  I am making it my mission to not only provide you with the best quality dolls on the market and the top tier customer service you deserve, but to also erase the taboo nature associated with Sex Dolls and to show the public that these dolls aren’t to be feared, shunned or demonized, but instead should be appreciated  for what they do in bringing happiness to the lives of those who own them, for whatever reason they do.  My wife and I believe that life is short, and everyone should enjoy it without hesitation or fear of what others will think of you!