Do you have a physical store I can shop at?

Maintaining our presence as an online company and staying away from a ‘brick and mortar’ concept allows us to offer the best deals on our products.  We do work out of an office, but all sales are conducted online.

Who is Dirty Knights Sex Dolls?

We would love to introduce you to our team!  We have 4 people working in our U.S. office, and one part time employee that lives and works for us in China.  Find out more about the Dirty Knights Sex Dolls Staff!

Where is Dirty Knights Sex Dolls located?

Dirty Knights is located in Middle Tennessee, USA and we ship straight from the manufacturers.  Before shipment, we are provided photo and video evidence of the doll to ensure our customers are getting exactly what we were hired to procure for them.  We stand behind ALL products we sell, even if the manufacturer would deny a claim, so you NEVER have to worry!

How long does the order process take?

On receipt of payment, your custom made doll begins its production, which on average takes 6 to 13 days to finish.  Shipping can vary from 4 to 8 days depending on time of year, and inspections.  You will receive a tracking number and will be able to track or arrange scheduled delivery with your shipper if needed.

What happens if I receive a broken product ?

Customer is King and your satisfaction is our top priority. If anything you purchase from us is defective, just notify us within 24 hours and we’ll arrange to have it shipped back and replaced.  If your purchase is of a doll or doll head, they MUST BE IN AN UN-USED CONDITION to qualify for return.

What shipping company do you use?

FedEx and UPS are the most common modes of shipment.

Which types of payments are accepted?

Currently, we process all credit cards through PayPal and Bank Transfer.  We are working on crypto-currency and should be able to accept that soon.  We have also partnered with Sezzle to allow cost to be broken into monthly payments for easy payoff, that option will be available by April 2nd, 2019.

Who makes the sex dolls?

Our sex dolls are made in the original Chinese factories that produced the design.  No off-brand/knock-offs are used!  Be careful of others who claim to sell original but don’t!

Do you ship World wide?

Dirty Knights sells products in all countries that allow the sale of sex dolls.  Countries such as Thailand, Pakistan, India and some others will not allow our dolls through customs due to the laws of the country.

I'm worried about privacy, what do you do to ensure our transaction is kept private?

We believe strongly in privacy and respect all those that order from us.  We start by displaying the name “Clear Choice Inc” on your credit card statement and we are strict in our demand that our suppliers keep shipping labels and boxes free from identifying labeling.