The Dirty Knights Sex Doll Guarantee is our pledge to work on your behalf build the sex doll of your dreams.  We will be with you from start to finish each purchase you make to ensure that you service is exactly what you expect.  Flawless.  If anything at all goes wrong in the process, we’ll make it right, 100%.  It’s what we do, and we wouldn’t be doing this without your business, so our Guarantee, or promise to you, is that you will be treated like a King while shopping for your Queen!



Absolutely!  No matter what you buy, from accessories to dolls, we guarantee you’ll be happy with your purchase.  This is a solid guarantee that many companies won’t commit to, but we do!  Purchase your sex doll or accessories now with peace of mind.

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Due to the nature of products we are dealing with, we only ask that you report to us within a 24 period from taking delivery of your new sex dollContact us here, or call us at 1-888-475-6695 and select Option 2.  Email is also available at miknight@dirtyknights.com.  Please have supporting documents available to explain your claim, such as photos, videos, or anything else you can provide.



Regulations regarding hygiene require us to limit claims to only those sex dolls or products that have NOT been used by the customer in a sexual manner.  And yes, there is a test that shows if the dolls has been used!  So please report claims early before using, no matter how tempting it may be to ‘give it a run’ first!


Because each doll is uniquely created and individually hand made, there will be some slight differences and variations in dolls.  These should never be extreme, but may differ slightly from the images you have seen in small degrees.


Skin imperfections – Just like humans, dolls will vary slightly as mentioned above.   So small skin imperfections will not be covered and should be thought of as adding uniqueness or character to your sex doll.  However, if there is ANY MAJOR DAMAGE to skin, please report to use immediately.


Nails – Finger and toe nails are not meant to be permanently fixed to the dolls.  This is on purpose and allows you, our valued customers, to change them, paint them or get rid of them all together.  So keep this in mind before filing a claim, as we do not cover general nail fall offs, but will just advise you to buy any nail set available on the market to replace.


Make-up – The doll manufacturers pay individual make up artists to apply make up to each doll after creation.  This means that their may be slight differences from the photos, since its isn’t applied by a machine.  There is an extreme amount of effort put into making these dolls appear just as in photos however, so rest assured any difference will be very small.


Eyelashes – Just like the nails, eyelashes are meant to be replaceable and in the event that an eyelash falls off, just re-apply normally using a tpe safe adhesive.