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6YE Premium – The Worlds Standard In Premium Sex Dolls!

6YE is an industry leader in quality and realistic sex doll manufacturing and design. Working with some of the most creative doll sculptors, 6YE brings their dolls to life to provide you with a doll you will enjoy for ages.  WM Dolls offer both Male Sex Dolls and Female Sex Dolls for you to enjoy!

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Why purchase a Dirty Knights Sex Doll?


6YE dolls have been around for quite a long period of time. A lot of people don't know about them because they have been kept out of media.  However, sex dolls are a very normal, and accepted by those who do know about them. In fact, right now, there are so many incredibly realistic dolls, but the manufacturers of the future are setting up to amaze us.


They are partnering with artificial intelligence companies with the goal to make the modern day sex dolls seem more like a real human being. Their mission is to create the best sex dolls.  These manufacturers feel that relationships with these dolls, whether sex dolls or love dolls, will be normalized soon. They intend to use AI and VR to make these lovers act like the real thing. We already speak to “Alexa” and “Cortana”, how long will it be until we put a silicone body to those voices? We predict "not long"!


There are many benefits to creating relationships with these sex doll lovers. Whether you are a single man, woman, or in a committed relationship, there are many uses for sex dolls. People use them for modeling, cuddling, or making their sex life even more exciting. Owning these dolls is completely normal and is no longer taboo. They have become mainstream, and the sales numbers show it. You aren’t alone in your quest for the perfect doll lover, you are joining an ever growing community of sex doll lovers around the world.


At Dirty Knights we invite you to have and love these dolls like you would any human. You will receive the best silicone and TPE love dolls. If you ever need anything, call us or reach out to us via email or live chat.


Why purchase from us, and only us?


We provide our customers with the best sex dolls the industry at very affordable prices. Our top priority is to find you the sexiest dolls, so that we can make your dirtiest fantasies become reality. In order to do that, we have partnered with the top ranked doll manufacturers in China, so that we can provide you with the best lovers, prices and customization options.


No matter what type of sex doll lover you are looking for, we are your Clear Choice. Our team promises exceptional customer service, the best shopping experience and many happy nights! We have been in the customer service industry for over 25 years and don’t plan to compete with the other sites, we plan to dominate them! Our goal is to make you a long time, loyal customer to our brand. And that’s our promise!


Free Shipping and Secure Payments


We offer FREE Shipping for most countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, and South America,are a few examples) and consider your privacy to be a top priority. We ship with discrete labels, so as not to reveal the contents of your package. If preferred, the doll can be delivered to any FedEx location. You can pick up your lover in your own time, and at your convenience.  Once your doll is shipped you will be provided with a tracking number.


We also utilize services such as FedEx and DHL to ensure quick, safe, and easy deliveries. Your payment is secured by our guaranteed customer privacy policy. We never store your credit/debit card information and we utilize PayPal to guarantee and protect your credit cards and payments (this does not require a PayPal account, as you can still pay with a debit or credit card). If you prefer to pay using a wire transfer from your bank, please contact us.


What are the main differences between TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls?


Both of these materials are high quality and made specifically to feel like real human skin. TPE or thermoplastic elastomer, sex dolls have become more popular over the years, since it is easier to sculpt and looks slightly more realistic. However, silicone stays a little cleaner, and can be heated longer than the TPE sex dolls. We do offer heating systems made specifically for your sex doll lover. All of your Dirty Knight fantasies can be performed with these dolls, since they are made with fully articulated skeletons, and are all capable of extreme flexibility and realistic sex.


Our dolls are made by only the best manufacturers and are sculpted to give the most sexually stimulating experience possible. Both materials are completely waterproof. Your doll can be customized by selecting different body types, heads, breasts and other body parts. Take your time looking at all the different customization options in very doll. Contact us through our page or by phone for any questions or learn more here.


Why should you own a realistic Dirty Knights Sex Doll?


Sex doll lovers have many benefits such as sexual release, companionship, modeling, fashion, and for added excitement in your committed relationship. Your first sex doll will be a unique and special experience, and the memories will be with you forever. These lovers are awesome to hang out with, tell your secrets to, and fulfill all of your sexual fantasies with.  But even more than that, they can offer a sort of “Training” in the bed, allowing you to get a sexual workout that will provide benefits that will translate over to sexual relations with a real woman if needed. Many sex doll manufacturers don’t talk about this much, but these sex toys offer more than just pleasure, they offer a clean, safe, way to get a release not just by using your hand, but by using your whole body and gaining the benefits of such.


Only buy high quality sex dolls from authorized and legit sellers like Dirty Knights


Dirty Knights sells the best sex dolls and provides the best service out there.  We are the number one vendor, and our customers love us because of our dedication to providing top notch service. Avoid websites that sell low quality dolls, and those that steal pictures of our higher quality dolls to sell their less superior versions. Our dolls have been tested and reviewed by our loyal customers, and our fan mail fills our mailbox.  We are one of the top official sellers of Doll-Forever Dolls, 6YE Dolls, Dollxes, SexyLand and many more!


For questions, please reach out to our great team, and remember one important thing. A Beautiful Day Begins With Dirty Knights!

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