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3 Little Know Secrets To Improving Your Sex Life

How often have you been in a situation where you just haven’t performed well?  Think about this for a minute and ask yourself, was it stress?  Or how about anxiety?   Perhaps you met someone at the bar and upon meeting up afterward, you find you can’t get a proper erection.  Well, what we are going to talk about today is 3 little known secrets that may be preventing you from having the sex life you deserve!


Stressed out sex life dirty knights sex dollsWhen American men were surveyed in 2018, one in three men admitted to dealing with too much stress in their lives.  Upon further inspection, it was found that the workplace accounted for 87% of the stress reported.  So where did the other 13% come from?  Feelings of lack of accomplishment and self-worth.  That’s right, the men reported that they often thought about and felt that they weren’t doing enough to “keep up with the Jones”.  Stress is a very severe condition and is often downplayed by those dealing with it.  In fact, stress will not only take years off your life but will wreak havoc on your sex life!


So what do you do when stress is taking you over?  One easy thing you can do is learn how to breathe correctly.  While breathing may seem like an unlikely cure in today’s “let’s prescribe a pill” mentality, it can truly reduce the effects.  Taking in deep breaths, usually, an inhale lasting a 3-4 count and an exhale at that 3-4 second count will work wonders.  Deep breaths increase oxygenation of your body and when your blood and cells get this extra oxygen, your worries begin to fade.


One example of this gone wrong, however, is smoking.  Many people confuse a cigarette break with stress relief.  Cigarettes are horrible for your lungs and body and do nothing for stress in and of themselves.  However, the deep breaths taken when puffing on the cigarette, are indeed helpful and this is the true reason that people who smoke tend to feel fewer effects from stress. Affects of smoking on stress and sex dirty knights sex dolls

Smoking also causes your veins to constrict, or narrow, which limits the blood flow to vital organs.  In the case of sex, smoking can actually cause diminished performance by not only decreasing blood to your penis but by affecting your cardiovascular functions.  For these reasons, it’s highly recommended to stop smoking if you are seeking to not only enhance your sex life but to live a better, healthier lifestyle altogether.  To learn more about this, visit this site.

You will find that proper breathing will not only make you feel much better and stress-free but will help you in the bed for two reasons.  First, controlled breathing can also be used during sexual intercourse.  This controlled influx of oxygen during sex enables you to maintain a much harder erection and can help you last longer for your partner.  Secondly, When you use these breathing techniques during the day, for example at work, then you feel much more positive and refreshed when you return home to your partner.


Another little known secret to improving your sex life involves lubricant!  That’s right, lubricant can majorly change your sex life in many ways.  No longer will you have to “fight” to get it in.  Lubricant, or lube, can ease the friction caused during sex thus making it more enjoyable for your partner.  There was a study long ago that correlated short-sexual intercourse times with one or both partners feeling chapped.  The rapid in and out thrusting of the male penis can cause natural lube excreted from the body, to dry quickly.  With nothing to take its place, the vaginal or anal walls can become irritated and sore.  A good lube, like the sex lube sold here on Amazon, can make a world of difference.  Using a water-based lubricant is suggested if you are using any type of sex toy made from silicone or TPE.  Be sure to check with your partner about any allergies before using them.


And lastly, one of three keys to improving sex life is practice.  That may sound easier said than done, however.  Often times, male libido is much higher than females.  Keep in mind however, this is no excuse to go out and cheat.  So how can you get the practice needed without upsetting your significant other?  We recommend adult toys!  Sex dolls like those sold on the Dirty Knights Sex  Dolls website or even the knock off, but still good quality sex dolls found on Amazon, can provide you a realistic and enjoyable way to train your body for better sex.  These dolls are ultra-realistic and won’t tell you they have a headache!


Sexual intercourse is very similar to sports.  During sex, one uses every muscle group available and requires endurance to maintain a solid erection and adequate blood flow.  For this reason, having a solid training routine will enhance your sex life.  As funny as it may sound, athletes only perform well when they train the muscles used in their sport.  The same rules apply to sexual intercourse.  Training your body, mind, and lungs by using an aid will help you gain the vigor needed to perform well.  For those looking for male sex dolls to train with, shop on the Dirty Knights Sex Dolls Male Sex Dolls page.



They say practice makes perfect and they are correct.  Practicing intercourse regularly with controlled breathing to control stress and using a good quality lube will be key to having a great sex life.



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