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Top 5 Water Based Sex Lubes

Sex Lubes, while we as a whole may be interested in the best plunger or robotic vacuum or mouth blister cure, it becomes difficult to talk about these private, close to home, things. For this reason, we’ve decided to tackle the forbidden topic of all topics, sex lubes.  More specifically, the “Top 5 Water Based Sex Lubricants”, and we’ll suggest 5 lubricants that we have tested and give our take on the quality.  Sit back, buckle in and lets start a virtual test for the top 5 water based lubes!

Purchasing lube can be, best case scenario, humiliating, and even under the least favorable conditions, out and out confounding, particularly if the main kind of lube you’ve obtained before is from the drugstore. Furthermore, in the event that you’ve surrendered yourself to utilizing not exactly consummate lube (or maintained a strategic distance from it altogether), you most likely simply need to attempt an alternate sort. “There is likely no lube that will be ideal for each client,” clarifies Hymn Ruler, staff sexologist at Great Vibrations, a lady established sex-toy retailer situated in California that has been doing business for more than three decades. “Likewise with nourishment sensitivities, some grease fixings simply don’t concur with everybody’s body science.”

To enable you to locate the best lube for you and your sexual coexistence without purchasing and test many containers and cylinders and parcels of the stuff, I chatted with workers at grown-up retailers and sex teachers, supporters, and advisors to locate the best lubes to keep in your bedside cabinet (or wherever else you should need to put them). What’s more, in case you’re searching for the best vibrators, we followed those down, as well.



Photo of Nooky Lube a water based sex lubricant from Dirty Knights Sex Dolls

Nooky Lube

Here’s a USA made lube with a Beautifully designed, elegant black pump bottle, that can discreetly sit on your bedside table. Nooky Lube’s smooth, silky feel gives more slip than silicone and petroleum based lubricants making it perfect for couples.

  • Does not dry out.
  • Colorless and tasteless.
  • Rinses off with water.
  • Glycerine and paraben free.
  • Perfect for toys.

$16.55 for 16 oz.  at Amazon




Photo of slippery stuff gel personal water based lubricant from Dirty Knights Sex Dolls

Slippery Stuff Gel

$19.95 at Adam&Eve

This is my far my preferred water-put together lube with respect to the market. Despite the fact that it isn’t as reasonable and simple to discover as Astroglide or other drugstore essentials, Elusive Stuff is perfect, smooth and the most enduring lube available. With more affordable water-based lube you will discover reapplication is important which can now and then put an imprint in your sex session, Tricky Stuff keeps going forever. One siphon of this sex lube and you and your young lady are a great idea to go.

The as good as ever Dangerous Stuff Gel is made with an extraordinary paraben and sans glycerin equation – making it more secure for individuals with touchy skin and sensitivities. Utilizing a progressive new additive got from grains and plants, this universally handy lube is uncommonly mixed to feel like your body’s very own characteristic juices. What’s more, it’s similarly as smooth and dependable as ever! The additional thick gel is incredible for nearly anything, including secondary passage infiltration, fun in the shower, toy play and long distance race long sex!

$19.95 for 16 oz. at Adam&Eve




Isabel Fay Personal Water Based lubricant shown in this photo from Dirty Knights Sex Dolls

Isabel Fay  8 Ounce

Putting harmful chemicals into our bodies is a bad idea. So why would you use a lubricant that’s full of gross hormones and artificial crap?

For those of you who want your lube all-natural, Isabel Fay lube is the answer. Instead of being made from parabens, glycerine or hormones, Isabel Fay includes only natural ingredients.

  • Natural water based sexual lubricant for sensitive skin. No GLYCERIN. No PARABENS.
  • Made in USA. Condom safe lubricant for sex. This personal lube for sex can be used with all sex toys.
  • This sex lube does not contain parabens and glycerin
  • Odorless and colorless sex lubricant gel, cleans up easily and does not stain.
  • Discreet label. 100% Money back guarantee.

$16.95 for 8 oz. at Amazon



Photo of Lulu Lube natural water based lubricant from dirty knights sex dolls

Aloe Cadabra Characteristic Natural Ointment, Unscented, 2.5 Ounces


(was $20, presently 45% off)

Elegantly designed in a stylish pump bottle, this discreet lubricant can sit on any bedside table and simply blend in. Lulu Lube’s unique formula is smooth and silky giving more slip than silicone and petroleum based lubricants making it perfect for intimate moments.

  • Doesn’t dry out.
  • Paraben and glycerine free.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Perfect for toys.
  • Tasteless and colorless.

$18.34 for 16oz. at Amazon




Divine 9 Water Based Sex Lube photo from Dirty Knights Sex dolls

Divine 9

Slick, non-sticky Divine 9 is specially formulated with CarraShield, a proprietary blend of natural plant extracts from the sea. The result is a fragrance free, paraben free, glycerin free water-based lubricant developed to help prevent transmission of the HPV virus by creating a protective barrier on the skin during sex play. Tested in a five-year study at McGill University medical school that concluded its use significantly reduced the likelihood of HPV–the most common sexually transmitted disease and root cause of cervical cancer, throat cancer and genital warts–this lubricant is compatible with both natural rubber latex and polyisoprene condoms. Manufactured in the USA.

$27.95 for 8oz at Babeland




While many water based lubricants will suffice, these 5 are some of the personal favorites we have come across.  We hope you have found this article useful and will try out these lubricants and then give us your feedback!  We love to hear feedback!  As always, be careful when engaging in sexual relations with a stranger, use safe protection in addition to lubricant to prevent unplanned pregnancy or spread of disease.


As always, “A Beautiful Day Begins With Dirty Knights”, so pick up some lube, a good movie and spend a night with your doll or significant other.  In other words, Netflix and Chill!

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