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3 Ways To Improve Your Life By Owning a Sex Doll! pt. 1

How many of you are on the fence when it comes to ordering a #sexdoll ? I spend a year or more before purchasing my first fantasy doll and it was only after reading another article written about the abundance of benefits that ownership would have. We are going to talk about a few of those benefits over the next couple of posts. Today I will start with the 3 “C’s”, that being Confidence, Control, and Character!
Been awhile since you’ve been with a partner? Or perhaps the last time you performed it wasn’t quite up to your personal expectations? Sex dolls can help with this! Overcoming pre-sexual anxiety or fear that some people have can be completely eliminated with practice and training with your love doll. The realistic attributes that the love dolls posses help to develop neural links in relation to sexual performance, it’s true that becoming a better lover of your doll will roll over into the performance you give when interacting with a live partner. While it may seem odd to think about, your confidence level is a by product of your experience. And whether with a sex doll or live person, as your experience grows, so does your natural confidence to perform.Couple in love staring at each other
Many times problems with performance in bed are caused by “over-thinking”, and taking your time with a love doll will help you control your thoughts and do things at your own pace, which in turn means learning what it is you like and how you like to make love. When you are with a sex doll, you only think about yourself because you don’t have to worry about the dolls emotions or reactions to your performance. Having this time to focus on yourself will make you a better lover long term. You’ve heard it before and its true, you can’t love someone else until you love yourself. This also applies in the bedroom, you can’t please someone else, until you know how to please yourself. So get practicing and build that confidence back up!
Contrary to what some might think, control in the bed will also directly effect your confidence! In fact, it might be the biggest contributor! Much of the performance anxiety that people feel in their first and even subsequent encounters with a live person, are based around a fear that they won’t be able to control their early orgasm. That’s right, we’ve all been there, you get so worked up at the thought or potential of having sex with a new partner, and wham, there you go, earning your title as the “Two Minute Lover”! It’s ok, it’s actually quite normal and many women, at least those whom are honest, will tell you its the truth. But for some guys, the fact that it’s normal just isn’t good enough. So how do you overcome that? You learn how to control your endorphins. You learn how to slow down at the right times, how to get yourself to an edge and then back down. You learn control. And of course, who better to practice control on? Your brand new fantasy sex doll from
man stressed outPractice control with your sex doll, don’t just aim to keep that “Two Minute Lover” status. Slow it down, enjoy the feeling, practice loving the doll like you would imagine a real lover would want to be loved. Caress the doll, eye the doll up and down, indulging in your dolls beautiful curves and complexities. Let your body feel the rush of the endorphins and learn to control them. Don’t enter your doll until you feel you’ve spent enough time enjoying the dolls body. This is how you learn control and this control will turn into confidence.
Lastly in this article we’ll talk about character. And no, it’s not just another “C” word I threw in to make this about the “3 C’s”! Learning to treat a love doll can also teach you about character. Let’s face it, lack of control and confidence can also be attributed to lack of character. How you might ask? Well learning to respect your partner is a form of character building. Learning to put your partners wishes before yours, is a form of character. Taking the time to actually train yourself on how to be a better lover, both for yourself and your future partners, shows character. And that is exactly what you are doing each time you make love to your sex doll partner. When you take the time to make love to your doll, to take your time with your doll and to learn how to control your bodies endorphins, you are building the character it takes to be a good lover and partner to your next (or current) real lover.
I hope you have learned something new, or at least thought about doll sex from a different perspective after reading this article. Your relationship with your doll can be one of many things, but if you make it about building Confidence, Control and Character, you will gain the maximum worth from the money you spent.
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