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Emma is a 23-year-old dog trainer from Carlsbad, New Mexico, who wants to tame wild dogs amid the day, and resilient men amid the night. While most young ladies have an inclination for some, Emma likes it in each of the three different ways. Put it in her vagina, ass or mouth, she’s not fulfilled unless she gets it all, and she’s not only a taker either! Very few women we come across can do the things Emma can do with her mouth. Absent a gag reflex, Emma knows now limits! She also gives the “energizer bunny” a run for his money as her ability to keep going and going is uncanny!

Emma stands 160 cm (5ft 2 inches) tall and around 83 lbs.  Emma is extremely lifelike!

Emma is whispering your name, can you hear it?

Every opportunity she has will be spent fulfilling your dreams!

Live the rock star life you worked hard to achieve. With Emma, it’s possible!

Order Now, Let Dirty Knights Create Your Dream Doll!

A beautiful day begins with Emma, from Dirty Knights Sex Dolls.

160cm (5ft2′) C-Cup Sex Doll – Emma with Head #179

3 beautiful openings for you to enjoy (oral, anal, vaginal)

Manufactured by WM Dolls

Customize your sex doll below!

Buy Today! Free doll outfit included**

**Free outfit doesn’t match the one on the images

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Doll Specifications


ORAL 4.7"

ANAL 6.3"

83 Lbs


U BUST 24"

WAIST 20.6"

BUST 31"

HIP 40"

LEG 28.7"


ARM 27.6"


Customise Emma

$2,199.00 $1,999.00

Hair #1Hair #1Hair #1Hair #10Hair #10Hair #10Hair #11Hair #11Hair #11Hair #12Hair #12Hair #12Hair #13Hair #13Hair #13Hair #14Hair #14Hair #14Hair #15Hair #15Hair #15Hair #2Hair #2Hair #2Hair #3Hair #3Hair #3Hair #4Hair #4Hair #4Hair #5Hair #5Hair #5Hair #6Hair #6Hair #6Hair #7Hair #7Hair #7Hair #8Hair #8Hair #8Hair #9Hair #9Hair #9


If you would like to engage with your doll in a standing position, or you plan to have her standing for any reason, select the standing feet option below. IF you do not intend to stand her up and prefer the more realistic foot view, choose the non-standing option.

Non Standing FeetNon Standing FeetNon Standing FeetStanding +$50Standing +$50(Markup: +50)



Select from the more realistic built in vagina or the easy to clean removable type. Either one is going to make YOU feel fantastic!


Your dream sex doll wants to arrive at your door exactly how you want her. Let her know how you want her, shaved, hairy or somewhere in between. Chose below!



Toe Nail 1Toe Nail 1Toe Nail 1Toe Nail 10Toe Nail 10Toe Nail 10Toe Nail 11Toe Nail 11Toe Nail 11Toe Nail 12Toe Nail 12Toe Nail 12Toe Nail 13Toe Nail 13Toe Nail 13Toe Nail 2Toe Nail 2Toe Nail 2Toe Nail 3Toe Nail 3Toe Nail 3Toe Nail 4Toe Nail 4Toe Nail 4Toe Nail 5Toe Nail 5Toe Nail 5Toe Nail 6Toe Nail 6Toe Nail 6Toe Nail 7Toe Nail 7Toe Nail 7Toe Nail 8Toe Nail 8Toe Nail 8Toe Nail 9Toe Nail 9Toe Nail 9


Click Here For Extra Head

$2,199.00 $1,999.00
Additional Information
Weight5821361 kg
Dimensions58227364 cm
WM Hair Options

Hair #1, Hair #10, Hair #11, Hair #12, Hair #13, Hair #14, Hair #15, Hair #2, Hair #3, Hair #4, Hair #5, Hair #6, Hair #7, Hair #8, Hair #9

WM Eye Color Selection

, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Foot Options

Non Standing Feet, Standing +$50

WM Finger Nail Color


WM Mouth Options


Vagina Selection

Built-in, Replaceable

Hair or No Hair?

Full, None

WM Skeleton


WM Toe Nail Color

, , , , , , , , , , , ,

WM Skin Color

, , , , ,

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