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Why buy a Real Doll from DKSD?

Because we care about you and the future of the real doll industry!  For our market to succeed, a trusting and valuable relationship must be formed between buyers and sellers.  We aim to turn every customer who buys a real doll from us, into a long term client.

You see, sex dolls have been around for a significant stretch of time. Many individuals don't think about them since they have been kept out of media. Nonetheless, sex dolls are an accepted and ever growing way of life for the individuals who do think about them.  That is why we exist, to bring those who dream of these dolls, and the dolls themselves, together.

To this date, there are an enormous amount of real doll creations in circulation and as the demand increases, producers continue to amaze us with new designs and technology. Real doll sales regularly increase and because of the growing market, many companies, such as WM, are teaming with others in the robotics field to merge the two together.  Dirty Knights wanted to get in with the manufacturers who are driving innovation so we can supply a steady stream of modern doll design and technology to our clients.

It won't be long before we view our current dolls like we view the blow up dolls of the past!  They plan to utilize artificial intelligence and VR to make these sweethearts come alive like the genuine article.  We now speak to "Alexa" and "Cortana", but how long will it be before we are looking a real doll in the face and speaking to it? We imagine it will be in the very NEAR future!


How Can Dirty Knights Win Your Business?


We supply our clients  with high quality, original real dolls at very affordable prices and payment options to suit everyone's needs. Our main goal is to connect you with the real doll of your dreams so that your wildest fantasies become a new reality. So how can we win your business?  By just being us, your friend, your guru and your connection to the real doll world you are entering!


Whatever type of real doll you are seeking, we are the Clear Choice.  Our family provides exceptional customer service, a stellar shopping experience and nights you will appreciate for the rest of your life! We know customer service and have been in the industry for over 25 years! We don’t intend to compete with the other doll sellers, we plan to dominate them! Our goal is to make you a long time, loyal client to our brand. And that’s our promise!


Free Shipment and Secure Payments


Real dolls ship free to your door.  No need to arrange shipping, we handle it all and best of all your doll will come securely packaged in a discreet package that will protect your privacy.  We offer checkout with payment options provided by Paypal, Sezzle and more.  All our options are secure and will make purchasing your real doll a breeze.


Look Out For Retailers Selling Fakes!  Dirty Knights Partners Directly With Original Manufacturers!


Dirty Knights sells the best sex dolls and provides the best service out there.  We are working towards being the number 1 supplier of quality real dolls and our current clients love us because of our dedication to providing white glove service. Avoid sites selling knock-offs dolls!  We are one of the top official sellers of Doll-Forever, 6YE, Piper, WM Doll, AIBEI, Dollhouse168 and more.


For questions, please reach out to our great team, and remember one important thing. A Beautiful Day Begins With Dirty Knights!