Sex Doll Extra Heads – COMING SOON


Want some head? SO DO WE! Extra heads coming soon! (Available by email / phone request only at this time)


What better way to increase your collection than to buy your doll extra heads!? Well, there are many ways, but one of the best investments you can make is the purchase of an additional doll head. Having that extra head is like having a whole new doll!

Speaking of new dolls, the sex doll market is booming! You might wonder what that means for you? For that reason, I’ll tell you. A booming doll market means competition between manufacturers. And when there is competition, there is new innovation, new selections and more!
Extra heads aren’t the only new items coming out either.

Some of the other items that have been on fire lately are wigs, cases and lubricants. When it comes to wigs, we sell extra virgin REAL HUMAN hair wigs. We do this because nothing adds more realism to a sext toll than real human hair. And human hair brushes, washes and behaves, well, like human hair. In other words, you’ll have a much easier time working with your extra heads hair.

And like we mentioned before, don’t forget to check out our premium line of sex doll storage options, lubes, wigs and more. We are constantly adding to our collection so check back often. And one last thing, be sure to show off your dolls! You’ve made a big investment and a purchase you should be proud of! Oh, and don’t forget to mention our name when they ask “Where did you get that?”!

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