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Where We Are Now And The Future of Sex Doll Robots.

It began with rubber and has transformed to Silicone and TPE. Are metal gears, transistors and wiring next? What IS the future of sex dolls?
Most everyone has seen the inflatable sex dolls of the past and laughed at there generic and unrealistic portrayal of the female body. However, nobody laughs today at the improvements that have been made in sex dolls by the masters in the sex doll industry. From long ago inflatables to modern TPE and Silicone, these lifelike dolls have come a long way in both, looks, feel, quality and price. These changes have also made sex dolls a bit less “taboo” to those looking at them from the outside in. Think about the image of a man mounting a blow-up doll vs a man having intercourse with a doll that you must look twice at to even notice that it isn’t real. That is how far dolls have come today.
Now where do we go from here you might ask? The sky is the limit, some will say. Companies such as Realbotix are already designing working prototypes of dolls with heads containing motors and gears allowing them mimic human facial expressions. They are also designing basic artificial intelligence within the doll that allows for conversation, problem solving, gathering info and more. Apps are also being developed to help people interact more easily with their new robotic companions. And Realbotix isn’t the only company working on this.
So, what will people think about the sex dolls of the future? Well, it’s a bit mixed currently. A survey in 2017 suggested 50% of Americans believe robot sex will be common engagement over the next 50 years. And an article posted just a few days ago states that Fancis X. Shen an expert from University of Minnesota in fields such as AI, neuroscience, and law, said that sex robots are increasingly becoming part of national debate regarding the future of intimacy and relationships. Topics from intercourse to companionship are among those being discussed as well as legal and ethical issues. male sex robot picture of head
Women’s rights groups and those who advocate fairness and equality as it pertains to differences between men and women, often highly advocate the laws aimed at limiting the rights of men to purchase dolls solely for sexual purposes and propose ideas that the sex shared with dolls will lessen the meaningfulness of sex between couples. But just as there are opponents, there are those that claim the sex dolls offer a option to those with severe social disorders and anxiety issues. While they may not help solve the problems that people in those categories face, they will at least provide an outlet for them to feel comfortable with their sexuality and offer a way to have intercourse with something other than themselves.
Aside from the debates between those who see sex dolls as beneficial to society and those who don’t, the manufacturers and designers often see them in a light different altogether. To them, they represent a movement into the future in which robots take the shape of humans and do more than just “please” their owners sexually. Think of the hit TV show “Humans”, where male and female robots can do everyday house chores and activities including taking care of the children or pets. Those working on these robotic dolls envision them having the ability to change “modes” depending on what their owners require of them.
So how then do we regulate such robotic dolls? Would their humanistic traits and abilities allow them to have certain rights, such as those rights we share as human beings under our nations laws? Or would a whole new rule book have to be written just for them? There are already a number of laws taking shape that aim to prevent the importation and use of dolls with child-like features, however many of these laws have not been tested by constitutional challenges.
Sex with robot dollWhatever the future holds is a guess, but we are living in an era of dramatic change, one dictated by Moore’s law. And for those wondering when we will see the creation of actual sex doll robots, only time will tell, but I would bet it will sooner than you would expect!  Learn more at Dirty Knights Sex Dolls
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