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What Is She Up To Tonight?

One of our sex doll models decided to get some pictures taken tonight.. I think she had a lot of fun, what do you think?

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She couldn’t keep her ass down in this one, I guess she was hoping someone like you would walk up behind her!


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Sex Doll out of Shower new logoOur doll went for a run and really worked up a sweat. So she took a warm shower and then sat back on the bed. I tried to give her a towel to dry off but she decided air drying would be the best option. I kind of agree, don’t you? Take a look at our hot, wet, bad girl now. She needs you to shower her clean and dry her off. #showerdoll , #DollLove, #SexDoll
We thought she was done for the night, and we left to get something to eat, but when we came back, we found her laid out on the bed just begging for us to pleasure her! We weren’t sure what to do, we were supposed to be taking photos of her, nothing else! What would you do in our circumstance? Accept the invite or keep snapping photos? We told her to hold herself together while we took a few more photos. You like them?
So it was about time to wrap up our shoot, our Doll was very sad, she didn’t have anyone to go home with and asked us if we knew anyone that would be interested in her. We said YES! We will post your photos on our site and find you your lifelong partner. Would you like to be her partner? There are so many things you could do together!
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