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Are AI Sex Dolls In OUR Future? The Truth About AI Sex Dolls.

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the #AISEX movement to create realistic Sex Dolls that offer moving limbs, moving facial features and responsive voices. However the reality behind the AI Fantasy Doll movement is that while impressive on paper, there are very few legitimate AI companies willing to develop the technology for the Adult Entertainment Industry at this time.

Why, you might ask?Well one reason given is the the market isn’t quite ready for that yet. The cost involved with the technology behind the AI dolls would throw a hefty price tag on civilian models used for sex dolls. The average consumer wouldn’t be able to afford the tech price in the beginning, so the makers of the technology would be much better off marketing to big industry, at least at the start. Another reason is that many people still view sex dolls as very taboo. Many women are outspoken about the dolls we have available now, can you imagine how outspoken they will be when the dolls can walk, talk and fuck autonomously?

But there is hope, after all, look how big the industry is and can you imagine an eventual walking and talking sex robot in your home? Oh my, what would mother say, right? But lets be honest for a moment, Sex Dolls offer many different things to their owners. Companionship ranking among to top offers, many Sex Doll owners set out to buy their doll for one purpose, and we know what that purpose is. Despite this, they often develop a real emotional bond to their doll. Let’s face it, we live in a world where more people would rather send you a text than speak to you by voice. More people would rather stay indoors watching TV than sit on the front porch and engage with neighbors.

Society has come a long ways, but there are some things that I believe we have lost, one of those being connection to one another. And while Fantasy Love Dolls like those offered by may be adding to the lack of connection issue, there is one thing for sure that they do offer. That is companionship for those who have already fell into a disconnected lifestyle.AI Terminator Sex Doll Photo

But negativity aside, these dolls aren’t the future “Terminators” and AI Sex Dolls aren’t just for the single and the lonely! Many couples have also shown interest in bringing these smart bots into the home as a non-judging and non-emotional partner for BOTH sexes to enjoy! I mean, who’s going to be jealous of a silicone body with a steel frame right?

I will first to admit that AI Fantasy Sex Dolls intrigue me, but until they become more realistic, I’ll stick to what we have now. And what I have is available for you to purchase at

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