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Hey Doll Fans!
Just wanted to take a moment to keep you all updated on our company Dirty Knights and our plans going forward. If you’re reading this outside our site, it’s
As you probably have noticed, we have again added more inventory to our doll selection. We have partnered now with several TOP manufacturers of High Quality Sex Dolls including #6Ye, #Piper, #DollHouse168, #DollForever, #AIBEI, #WM and several others.
We returned from China last month after an exhaustive trip. We visited the facilities of each of the companies we are carrying product for and inspected their production facilities, storage and shipping areas. It was enjoyable to meet the new people we are partnering with, but at the same time it was tiring. I have to give a shout out to Kimi, our translator and Jacob for arranging all the travel routes, making the appointments and booking our rooms. Without them, I’m not sure we could have done it all in the 2 weeks we had there. Anyways, the trip was a success but we are glad to be back in the good ‘ole USA and putting the finishing touches on our storefront.
For those who enjoy watching #YouTube, we have created a channel. We will feature any manufacturer videos, custom videos that others have made about the dolls we are carrying, videos we produce, and more.
Please Subscribe to the channel and Like the videos we have so that we can get the benefits from having the YouTube channel and grow it’s content and success.
We also have a Facebook page located at:
John is managing that page as well as our other social media pages like:
I will link all of these at the bottom again for easy reference. We are planning a few other “Surprises” so keep checking back to learn more and to follow our rise into the Doll World!
For those of you with creative ideas, if there are any suggestions you have to help grow our company and the overall interest in #SexDolls, please reach out to us! We love working together as a team to solve problems and create positive results! And our team isn’t just in the office, we welcome all people who enjoy this lifestyle and are interested in the growth of this industry. You can be part of our extended family, for that is what we are. A family community of people with the same interests and the same desire to enjoy life with our loved ones and our loved dolls!
Thank you for your time and for investing in your online Sex Doll supplier, where customers are family and family is forever.
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