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After a long, hard day of classes, you think about how you want nothing more than to go home and relax. You walk through the front door, flip on the lights, and see your sexy, alluring, big breasted lover lying on the chaise lounge. Her arousing figure and longing stare seem to make the hard day you’ve just had completely disappear from your mind. You rush to rinse off, and don’t bother getting dressed because you know you can’t resist Mina when you go to sit on the velvet lounge beside her. So beautiful and life-like, she was made just for you. You created Mina. Her eyes, her skin, her pussy, and even her breasts were all a product of your careful thought and consideration. You are gentle and take your time with her, as you do every Dirty Knight, because you know you have all the time in the world for your perfect sex doll lover, Mina.

Mina, our Premium Line 158cm Love Doll is a perfect size doll for those who want a more realistic experience with a doll.. The perfect size doll, proportionate in all the right places so you get all the realism that is possible out of a sex doll. Pay close attention to all the detail in the photos of this doll, DollHouse168 Brand Sex Dolls are very well built and are as nice as they get.  SKU: DH168DSEVOMina

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We have plenty of hairstyles to make your sex doll unique. You can even purchase an extra wig to change up her look anytime you wish (shop extra wigs here). For this doll, select from the photos below, which wig you would like included with your sex doll purchase.

Eye color can drastically alter the way your sex doll appears. That's why we provide you a variety of sex doll eye colors to select from. Choose an eye color below or click on the "No Change" to keep it the same as you see in the photos.

Your sex doll nipples can be chosen from our 3 beautiful sizes. If your not sure which you like the best, you can keep it the same as in the photos and we'll match it up!

No need to take your sex doll to the nearest nail sallon, we will do her nails for you! Choose from the numerous colors and styles below to find the choice that fits your taste.

Select from the more realistic built in vagina or the easy to clean removable type. Either one is going to make YOU feel fantastic!

Your dream sex doll wants to arrive at your door exactly how you want her. Let her know how you want her, shaved, hairy or somewhere in between. Chose below!

Like her fingernails, we will ship your sex doll to you with the perfect pedicure as well. Our vast selection of colors and styles are sure to suit your desires.

If you would like to engage with your doll in a standing position, or you plan to have her standing for any reason, select the standing feet option below. IF you do not intend to stand her up and prefer the more realistic foot view, choose the non-standing option.

We can make your sex dolls lips appear shiny and ready to kiss or more subtle. Again, that choice is yours to select below!

Additional Information
Weight5821361 kg
Dimensions58227364 cm
Choose Her Hairstyle

Hair #1, Hair #10, Hair #11, Hair #12, Hair #13, Hair #14, Hair #15, Hair #2, Hair #3, Hair #4, Hair #5, Hair #6, Hair #7, Hair #8, Hair #9, No Change

Eye Color Selection

Amber, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, No Change

Select Your Sex Doll's Nipple Size

3cm, 5cm, 7cm, No Change

Pick Her Nail Color

Nude French, Pink French

Vagina Selection

Built-in, Replaceable

Hair or No Hair?

Full, Light, Medium, None

Toe Nail Color

Bright Pink, Natural, Red, Silver, White, Yellow

Foot Options

Non Standing Feet, Standing +$50


Coating, Normal

Shipping is free of charge to all our customers, we use FedEx, UPS or DHL for express, fully tracked and insured delivery for your peace of mind. Please note that shipping takes 3 – 7 business days after your doll as been completed


All dolls take approximately 1-2 weeks to be hand built depending on your specification. If you have any questions or requirements dont hesitate to contact us.