Kenneth Harrisson Child Pornography case

Kenneth Harrisson and Child Like Dolls.

This topic will be uncomfortable for many people, but regardless it needs to be discussed because it represents a real problem in our society and how we judge this case will affect many people in the future. There has been some discussion recently around Kenneth Harrisson, 54, regarding a lawsuit under way that is charging the Canadian man with “Child Pornography”, “Mailing Obscene Matter” and a and two charges under the federal Customs Act of smuggling and possession of prohibited goods.


I have got a couple things to say about this case.  Many of the people in this world will be too shy, scared or embarrassed to say it themselves. This case is bad, and reminds me of the movie “Demolition Man” featuring Sylvester Stallone.  In this movie, people lived in a society that charged and arrested them for crimes before they were committed.

demolition man photo representing people arrested before committing actual crime

You see, at the heart of it, Mr. Harrisson isn’t really being charged for anything other than Child Pornography.   This charge stems from his purchase of a child like doll from Japan.  The other charges are more “fluff” to make him appear  a much worse person that he might be. A charge of child pornography for owning a child like doll is wrong.  And if society is going to consider a doll to represent a human, than I guess we need to apply the same standard to banana peels, empty toilet paper rolls, apple pies and crusty socks. For those items have been widely used by many a boy or man throughout their lives to fantasize with while they were doing their “deed”.

A doll is inanimate, it doesn’t have a soul, emotions, and should fall under the same category as everything else that is inanimate, like a car, or a kitchen table, or a couch. It is an object for us humans to use any way we see fit and to discard of in the same manner. Think about it for a minute, if you purchase an adult sized doll and beat it up, stab it and dump it in a dumpster, would you be charged with murder? Of course you wouldn’t and why? BECAUSE IT’S AN INANIMATE DOLL! It doesn’t matter what it LOOKS like, it’s still just a piece of material.

Let’s take it a bit further, if you took a stuffed dog that you won at a carnival, tore a hole in its rear and has sex with it, should you be charged for bestiality? Of course not! With that said, even I admit that screwing a stuffed dog is a little strange, but who dubbed me the judgement of moral character?

I once heard a story about how some simple things become so complicated and it made a lot of sense to me. You see, take a product for example, there may be nothing wrong with it, it may function perfectly and do what everyone wants it to do. But now imagine someone new gets hired into the company and perhaps looking for a way to prove himself worthy of the company hire, takes that perfect item and adds something to it, something really unnecessary but that can be justified in some way and call his own. Now multiply that, every new person on the team, wants to prove their worth and add something. Now a simple product has become complex, costly and most likely weighed down with features that the end consumer really didn’t even want.

What does this have to do with Mr. Harrisson’s case?

Alot.  You see, someone, likely in the Customs division, decided to look inside the box and found a child looking doll. Eager to prove his worth and justify his job, or perhaps just feel good about his-self, he reports it. Now its brought to the matter of the police, who probably don’t care one way or other, because they have real crimes to worry about, but realize how would it make them look if they said they ‘didn’t care’ about investigating anything “child like” reported to them.   Now it’s in the prosecutors hands to charge him with something and he sees this as an opportunity to get some great press coverage and to get all the people stirred up and backing him on this glorious matter. And then there is the trial, either by Judge or Jury, who has the courage to stand up and say “it’s just a doll”? Nobody, because they would fear public backlash.

Kenneth Harrison Child Pornography case photo

So this is how a small thing turns into something big. Even the New York Post has labelled him a “Pervert” in the headlines of their article before the guy has even received a sentence! It is sad, but Mr. Harrisson has lost this case before he’s been judged. Perhaps i’ll be proven wrong, and I hope I am, but the way I predict it, there will be nobody except his legal team, to come to Mr. Harrisson’s aid and even if found not guilty of child pornography, he’ll have to move far away to get away from the public view of what should have been, his own private business!

Now did Mr. Harrisson break laws, maybe so. It sounds like Canada has a ban on child like dolls entering the country. I’m not arguing that, although I would disagree with the law. Regardless, it is a current law and like all laws, they should be followed or overturned, but not broken on your own whim. My argument is that a person should not be charged with child pornography for simply owning an anatomically correct doll that is child like in appearance. If that is the case, you might as well charge every man, that has a daughter, with child pornography.

And for those of you that say, “it was advertised as a sex doll”, what difference does that make? I don’t know how many things I’ve owned in life that I have used for reasons other than their advertised purpose. For example, using a dining room chair as a step stool or ladder to reach something high, or shipping pallet to make outdoor furniture, the list would go on forever. So, does the mere act of purchasing a child like doll constitute child pornography? I would say absolutely not!

But let’s take it a bit further. Let’s assume that Mr. Harrisson did purchase the doll for the intention of having sex with it. Should he then be prosecuted? Again I would argue no. I don’ know how many people in the world have fantasies about rape, sex with children, group sex, incest, etc, but I have seen the numbers that are searched on various porn sites and they are more than just a handful, more like million fold. So, many of these people have normalized this behavior already, like it or not, in their minds but are often scared to speak or act on it publicly. But those that do act only have one option, to act on real people. But what if these dolls, either child like or adult like, offer a second option? A way to fulfill or experiment with a fantasy, but without breaking the law or hurting someone in the process? I say bravo to the “pervert” who is willing to spend good money to purchase a doll that prevents him from damaging another person, either physically or emotionally.

So why then, if there is a realistic alternative, are we taking that away from people? Why would we as a society, risk that by taking the ability to purchase these dolls away, that a person might actually try and harm someone else instead? I say we should be thankful that we have a way for these people to release their desires in a manner that won’t hurt anybody!  There is even on charity agency called “The Specialist Treatment Organisation for the Prevention of Sexual Offending (StopSO)” that aims to “prevent harm and protect society” by “offering therapy in the community”.  The founder,  Juliet Grayson stated, “In the same way that methadone is used to stop people from using heroin, if the regulated use of sex dolls could help to prevent people with a sexual attraction to children from using child abuse images or sexually abusing a real child, then maybe we should consider it, however unpalatable that seems.”Juliet Grayson with StopSO photo and bio

So there are real organizations and people that agree with the proposition, that child like dolls could be a preventative means for stopping illegal acts upon real children.

The truth is, we can’t execute people we don’t like. If I found out my neighbor liked small children and I had children in my home, I would hope that he had a way to engage with his sexual desires without trying to lure my children to him. I would rather he have a hundred child like dolls in his house and that he was so satisfied that he would never step foot outside. Because at the end of the day, If I believed that taking his dolls away would make my children safer, than I would be a fool.


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