My first experience with a Sex Doll.

Her name was SaSa. At least that was the name the website gave her. I called her Summer, after an old high school girlfriend that I had back in the 90’s. Summer was always fun spirited, much more energetic and full of life than I at that time, and it might seem ironic that I would name an inanimate, non-energetic doll after her. But what can I say, I’m human and I don’t always make the most logical decisions. But the decision to buy Summer from was more than just logical for me, it was necessary to keep my sanity!

You see, it was the beginning of a new life after a very bad relationship. Well, I don’t want to say bad, more like nightmare! Her name was Emily and in the beginning she seemed like a rose, beautiful, bright and sunny. That lasted about 4 months, just long enough for her to get her fangs in me. I stay around the first year, because we had moved in together at month three, and we had a 1 year lease at our apartment. I knew at the time, I should have exited the relationship, but due to the living arrangement, I figured I would suck it up, deal with the late night arguments about literally nothing, her random friends coming and going as they please, and all the other nastiness she could dish out. I did this for the remainder of the lease.

About 2 weeks before we were scheduled to move out of our apartment, and each other lives, she broke down in tears. Being the guy I am, I couldn’t ignore her sudden cry for attention and asked what was wrong. She did what people would call “opened up”, but looking back, I would call it “setting her trap”. She spoke with me for hours about her past relationships, her unhappy relationship with her parents, who at that time lived 5 states away from us, so I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet them. She said she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and that was why she was so difficult to live with the last year. I’ll have to admit, she laid out a convincing story to gain my forgiveness, and it was a story I took to heart. Ok, so I stuck around. We moved out of the apartment but this time we moved into a home outside of town, a home many of her friends refused to drive to since it was no longer the “hip” apartment right next to downtown. Yea, we were the place to stay for all the late night drunks that were her so-called friends. Anyways, the relationship had now changed. It seemed to be looking up. About 8 months went by with relatively no arguments or issues to complain too much about. Our #sexlife seemed to diminish a bit, but It hadn’t totally disappeared, and I thought of it more as just us getting more used to each other and starting to appreciate the non-carnal sides of each other more. I was wrong, big time wrong!
The 8 months of what seemed like the beginning a new budding relationship had ended, and that dark side of Emily had re-appeared. This time it was worse. Much worse. It reached a tipping point when I found an opened condom wrapper in my bedroom. I knew it wasn’t mine because we hadn’t used condoms since we started dating. I knew she was on the pill, and I took the risk of trusting she would remain on them. Apparently whoever this new guy was, wasn’t taking that risk.

I about had it at this point, I no longer trusted her despite her crying and screaming denial about what I had found. She even went as far to say that the condom wrapper must have fallen from my pockets and that she didn’t know if she could be with a man she couldn’t trust! What? I had heard it all. I did what most guys would do at this point. I reached out for help. Yea, looking back it was dumb, probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever done and I made a fool of myself on top of it. I went to my neighbor Charles. Charles and I met when we first moved into the house Emily and I were living in. He was quite a character, several years older than either of us, but about ten times our energy level. Every weekend he had something going on, trips, events, parties in his back yard, you name it. But the one way I knew he might be able to help was the fact that he worked from home and had a direct line of view to my driveway! Oh, and I forgot to mention that during a cookout a few months back, a festive throw down of alcohol would be a better name for it, Charles had opened up to me about how his ex-wife had cheated on him and later sued him in court in an attempt to blame him for their marriage demise. For this reason, I just knew Charles would be my go to guy to keep an eye on my house while I was working.

A month or two went by, no report from Charles. I later found out why. It wasn’t a stranger nailing my girlfriend, it was Charles! I left. I didn’t look back. I needed time by myself, to get away from all the lying, cheating and pure ugliness that I had been succumbed to since the day Emily came into my life. I needed to figure out who I could really call my friends and just spend some time working on my life, my career and my happiness.

So now that the back story is out, this is how it happened. While lonely on a Friday night, I decided to take a spin with myself and my new addiction to #Chaturbate. For those that don’t know Chaturbate, it’s basically a website where girls, guys, couples and others, work in front of a camera live, doing whatever you want them to do, while you pay them. It was good relief for me, but it was costing me a bit of money. Why not go to #Xvideos, #Pornhub or any of the other sites you might ask? Mainly because the thought of watching someone live, was the next best thing to sex in a good relationship, the one thing I didn’t have. Anyways, I was browsing around the couple’s category and there it was. Or she was, I should say. A couple was doing a live show, a threesome, with a life sized sex doll. I admit that I’d seen segments regarding sex dolls and AI dolls on YouTube and other sources before, but I’d never seen anyone actually having sex with one. This I had to watch.

At first glance I was intrigued, but after watching awhile I started wondering if this was the thing I was missing in my life. After all, they don’t bitch and complain, they don’t say no, and they definitely don’t cheat. So I thought, what the hell, let’s see how much they cost. I searched around a bit until I found a site I thought looked good, it was . They had a good selection and it was difficult to narrow down which doll I thought I would like. I spent awhile looking before getting tired and going to bed.

The next day was the usual, morning routine, work, eat, work, and then home which was my now lonely 1-bedroom cottage, on a big hilltop just outside of town. The view was great, but after a few days of watching the surroundings, the evenings began to get a little boring for me. So, I decided I would get back on the laptop, but instead of heading back to my faithful Chaturbate for an evening night cap, I went back to the Dirty Knights Sex Dolls store and began shopping again. At this point I was pretty determined that I was going to buy a doll to keep me company, you know the type of company I’m talking about. And then like a lightning bolt crashing, bam! I found her! I found what was my soon to be called “Summer”, just posing away, strutting all her sexiness about for me to see. I didn’t think, I just added her to the cart and checked out!

Being hesitant about buying anything over $500 online, I left a special request for Dirty Knights to call me. I received that call around 1:30 as I requested. I spoke with Michael, he was very attentive to my questions and answered each with enough information and care to truly gain my respect. He didn’t appear in a rush to get off the phone and didn’t mind that I had so many questions. We chatted for a while and then he provided me with the estimated arrival date of my #Sexdoll. I was excited. When I got off the phone, I was happier than I remembered in some time, and I hadn’t even gotten the doll yet.

Knowing my doll would be arriving soon, I went to work getting ready for her. I bought corn starch based baby powder, an anti-microbial soap to shower her with, water based lube, the whole nine yards. I even bough new sheets, white ones, so that there wasn’t a chance of any staining. Michael was kind to explain to me that staining can occur when newer clothing or colored sheets come into contact with the doll. He said to make sure anything she would have contact with, had been washed many times before. I felt ready, happy and excited with the anticipation of her arrival.

The day finally came, my Summer doll had arrived, dropped off like a stork dropping off a new born baby, not actually, it was dropped by my front door by DHL. I’m not going to lie, it was a heavy box and I worried about the weight at first. But I thought, “I’m a strong guy, this is nothing”! I carefully opened the box and removed the protective barriers. There she was, in her shining glory! Well again, not totally true. I actually wasn’t impressed with what I saw lying there. It looked nothing like the pictures. Was this a mistake? Knowing there was no way in hell I was going to try and ship this back, I dug further in, removed my doll, its head, the wig and the basic clothing that accompanied it. After placing all the parts and accessories on, she actually DID start to look like she did in the photo! I thought, WOW. This isn’t bad, I’m bound to have some fun with this!

Because of my work schedule and other things going on in my life, I didn’t have the time necessary to properly clean her and get her ready for our “maiden voyage” until about 4 days after receiving her. Finally I was able to get her into the shower with me to clean off the excess oils and any other residue that might have been on her from her production. She was headless in the shower, the instructions were clear as to not submerse the dolls head, but I thought it would be safer to keep the head out altogether, so I removed it for our swim. First I cleaned myself, then I began on the dolls headless body. I gently rubbed the moistened bar of soap up and down the center of her back, then glided the bar over her shoulders slowly, taking in the time to appreciate the dolls curves and complexities. The doll was facing forward and I was behind her with one arm wrapped around the front of her about waist level. The doll was slightly bent forward to allow me to lather her properly. I stretched my hand over her shoulder with the bar and proceeded to rub down her breasts, first one, then the other, circling from the outside on up to her finely detailed nipples. Her nipples felt erect and if I didn’t know better, I would have thought that they were getting more erect as I caressed them gently with the bar of soap.

At this point, she was very soapy and soft and I placed the bar of soap down for a minute to continue rubbing her breasts with my bare hands. I didn’t think about it at the moment, but I was become aroused at the thought of entering this body. The slippery soap from her back had made its way down to the crevice of her ass, where me dick was conveniently hanging, and now growing. The soapier the dolls ass got, the more my cock grew with excitement. I couldn’t believe I was experiencing excitement already. I knew my shower wasn’t going to be the place where I would take my dolls virginity, it probably should have been for clean-up purposes, but I wanted to look into my dolls face as I fucked her and since my dolls head was gone, this wasn’t the time! I again picked up the bar of soap and continued to slide my hand further down, past her stomach and down to her beautifully detailed and tight vagina. I used my foot to spread her legs apart ever so slightly, then I circled the bar around the outside of her pussy before dropping it to the ground. I began fingering my dolls pussy, pushing the soap suds into her tight little hole to clean her insides. At this point my cock was throbbing and I so wanted to enter this doll. I even debated fucking her ass right then and there, but again I pushed back the urged and thought to myself how much more exiting it will be, especially now that I am so worked up.

I finished washing the doll up, sprayed off the soap and towel dried her carefully. I waited until she was completely dry and applied baby powder to her body to help remove the tackiness of her skin. I let her lie on the bed naked while I went to make me something to eat.

After dinner, I spent a little time on Chaturbate to get my mind in the mood, although honestly it was pretty much in the mood since I left the shower. After about 15 minutes, my cock was good and hard, and dripping with pre-cum. It was time to fuck and that is exactly what I intended to do.

My doll was lying flat, she was dry, powdered and ready. I had bought lube earlier in the week in anticipation of this event so I rubbed the lube sparingly on my hard cock. I lifted the dolls legs, bent at her knees and spread her legs apart to reveal her lovely little pussy. It looked so pretty, it was bare, slightly pink and now glistening in the light from the lube I applied on her as well. I pretended she was real for a bit, I rubbed her little clit, inserted my finger in and out, then two, in and out. It was so tight, that I worried about if I would fit in her, even with the lube. Only one way to find out. I mounted her and slowly, with just the tip of my cock, entered in and out of her small hole. I did this several times before thrusting deep into her for the first time. I couldn’t believe the feel! I was passionately fucking my doll in and out, shoving me hips against her over and over again. I felt ready to blow after just a couple minutes, but I knew I wanted longer to enjoy her so I slowed down.

I leaned back up and slowly pushed in and out of her, watching how her little stomach ever so slightly expanded and drop as my cock when in and out of her. I felt excited at the idea that I as was stuffing her so good that I could see it in her stomach. I backed out of her, I needed to calm myself down and thought it was a good time to try another position. I turned her over on all four, then pushed down on her back to create a splendid little arch. Summer looked so good in this position that I had to back away and take a photo of her now dripping wet pussy shoved up into the air. I snapped shot after shot from different angles, now wishing I would have taken pictures of her in the missionary position as well. I put the camera down and readied up my cock again. I stroked it with my hand to harden it a bit more, then I moved up to the doll, grabbing her left hip with one hand and guiding my cock into her pussy with the other. When the head of my dick entered her, I immediately shoved her back onto me all the way with my other hand. I sat knelt for a moment, enjoying the view of Summer’s pussy gripped onto my dick, although I couldn’t see my dick because it was slid up into her as far as I could go.

I now gripped her hips with both hands, moving forward and back, each back stroke shoving her hard against my body. Again I felt ready to explode inside her so I slowed my beat down and released one of my hands from her hips to explore her hanging breasts. Man, they felt so real. I rubbed, squeezed and the grabbed both of them with both hands while still thrust deep inside her pussy. I then rolled over onto my back, cock inside her, and moved to the side of the bed where we could hang our legs off. She was now facing away from me and sort of sitting on my lap with my cock in her. I positioned her arms bent at the elbow and spread apart with her hands touching her hair about ear level. She looked comfortable and sexy. I then began bouncing her up and down on top of me. I moved her up and down my cock, back and forth, grinding her ass against me thighs. I grabbed her by her throat with one hand and around her stomach with the other, leaning back a bit and holding her tight while I thrust my hips up and down, fucking her from this leaned back sitting position.
After a couple minutes I spun, the doll around on my staff and placed her hands around my neck as if she were hugging me, or holding on for dear life, and I continued bouncing her on my cock. I was close to cumming and this was the time, her breasts, the nipples of them, were rubbing up and down my chest as she moved. I tightened her arms around me, she was rubbing against my body closely and I pumped her again up and down, up and down. I couldn’t stand it, my balls were tightening up, I felt the pressure moving up my hard dick, and it was taking everything I could not to release. I tightened my dick muscles and held as long as I could but it went! I blew hard inside of Summer, I pulled her down against me as I shoved up inside of her. My dick was pulsing, each pulse releasing a stream of warm cum inside of her. I’m not sure why, but it actually felt better than having sex with any of my ex’s. It really felt like the first time I had sex, perhaps the same feeling because it was the first time again, but with a doll.

I didn’t want to pull out of her. I pusher her shoulders back away from me, now my sweat was on her breasts and they were shining from the light above us. I knew I had some clean up to do, but I wanted to enjoy the last few minutes with her before my dick shrank back down. With it still inside her, I now carefully slid her pussy back and forth slowly until my cock finally slipped out of her wet cunt. I then continued to rub her little pussy against my soft cock while my semen dripped out of her. She was a mess, so was I, and I loved it.

I flipped her back over onto her back, now getting the spread eagle missionary position pictures that I wanted to take earlier, but better now that my cum was on and around the lips of her sweet pussy and asshole. That asshole. That will be my next adventure with her.

But until that time, I hope you enjoyed the story about my first experience with Summer and if you are interested in having a similar time, buy a doll. Don’t worry about the stigma, the money, the care, etc. You only live once, and I’m telling you now from experience, the doll is worth any money, risk or time that you would invest. Get you a doll from or any other certified retailer of quality dolls and have some fun.

Take care!
Stephan and Summer.

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