Dummy sex doll show on Quibi (1)

Anna Kendrick joins forces with a sentient sex doll in Quibi’s new show titled “Dummy”

Anna Kendrick the fresh new star of shows and movies such as the Twilight franchise, n A Simple Favor,and now a new comedy called Dummy where she teams up with a sentient sex doll that her boyfriend has been “Cheating” on her with!

In the funny new comedy trailer for this new Quibi exclusive, soon to be star writer, Cody (Kendrick), finds glitter on her boyfriends (Donal Logue) bed, however the glitter isn’t from another women, it’s of all things, a sex doll.  But not any ordinary sex doll, no this one is special due to the fact that it is sentient (and a feminist to boot)!

But as the doll says, “We’re all sex dolls until we topple the patriarchy.”

Cody’s therapist tells her that  she needs to build a relationship with the sex doll to heal her emotions.  And through this sitcom she and her new sex doll partner make journey on a road trip full of fun, adventure and bonding moments.

Created and written by Cody Heller, Cody is inspired by her existence with fiancé Dan Harmon, the writer of Rick and Morty. Kendrick and Heller executive-produce the collection along Tricia Brock, who also serves as director.

“My boyfriend at the time, he’s now my fiancé, really did have a sex doll. And I knew about it and it was something that was occupying my mind,” Heller stated about her notion for the display in a latest interview. “It all merged in this creative way of me imagining that the sex doll came to life and that she became my writing partner,” she brought. “I took the things that were really happening in my real life and put them on the page.”

Quibi is an American short-form mobile video platform headquartered in Los Angeles, California, founded in 2018 by Jeffrey Katzenberg. Wikipedia

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