A tale of two lovers – Doll Forever 165cm Alice Sex Doll

Sitting at the hotel bar, Alice knew that tonight was the night. She’d be going home to her monotonous life in the morning, and she was determined to make her last night unforgettable. Just as she was thinking about giving up, Alice spotted her. With piercing blue eyes, and a teasing smile, Alice was instantly aroused. The girl’s body was perfectly formed, almost like that of a sex doll. She looked away, still feeling those eyes following her every move. This was it, she thought. Seizing the bravery inside her, Alice paid her tab, as well as the sexy mystery girl’s, who she now knew to be named Jordan, writing her room number at the top, demanding she come up immediately. After what felt like an eternity, the door to Alice’s dimly lit room opened, exposing only a curvy silhouette in the threshold. “I hoped you’d come”, said Alice, already naked, in a sexy, breathy tone.Alice-Sex-Dolls-Posing-Nude-for-dirty-knights-sex-dolls-1 (13)

The flicker of mystery and excitement in the girl’s eyes let Alice know that she would have her way tonight. As she stalked closer, Alice began to see just how sexy this being really was. The curves over her body were accentuated by the skin-tight dress she was wearing. Her piercing blue eyes hid behind long eyelashes, that seemed to brush her cheeks every time she blinked. Long, luscious blonde hair covered her shoulders, lingering over her breasts, all the way to her already peaked nipples. When she finally reached the edge of the bed, Alice grabbed hold of the girl’s wrists, pulling her down beside her.

Slowly, Alice traced her finger along the seams of Jordan’s dress that so fiercely flattered her arousing figure. Alice, being a model, saw many women with nice bodies, but none like hers. When her finger reached the end of the silk fabric, she pushed her hands up and under the dress, and pulled off a red lacy thong, all in one swift motion. Alice pulled her partner’s dress off completely, revealing the gorgeous curves and breasts that made her want to take the girl then and there. However, she wanted to take her time with this one. She was especially appealing. Never in her life had she found a woman so perfect; so beautiful. She let her tongue explore the magnificent body lying underneath her. From behind her ear, to her soft neck, down to the pointed nipples that seemed to appear just to turn Alice on even more. She flicked her tongue over one of them, and traced circles around it. Alice nibbled playfully, evoking a gasp from her visitor. Jordan shuddered, and goosebumps covered every inch of her skin. Alice, deciding she couldn’t wait any longer, found her tongue heading down to a region that there was no coming back from. Excitement coursed through her veins as Alice reached the girl’s throbbing clit. A pleasure filled moan escaped from Alice when she felt the heat radiating into her mouth. Never had she been so aroused just by pleasing someone else.

Alice alternated between her tongue and fingers, pushing farther and farther with each thrust. She looked up at the girl, who seemed to be going crazy with pleasure. Alice could feel her partner soaring faster towards climax, so she decided to slow it down a bit. She moved slowly upwards, grazing the girl’s torso with her nipples. At this, Jordan grabbed hold of Alice’s breast, and began sucking vigorously, as though she’d been waiting an eternity. Alice moaned with pleasure, and the girl flipped over to be on top. Jordan pinned Alice’s arms down, as if she might try to escape. She continued to suck on Alice’s nipple, biting playfully as had been done to her just moments before. Alice didn’t know if she’d ever been with someone like this before.Alice-Sex-Dolls-Posing-Nude-for-dirty-knights-sex-dolls-1 (10)

Usually she could hold out, sometimes for hours if she pleased herself beforehand, but she found herself nearing her peak from only having her nipple sucked. However, Alice would not allow this girl to leave her bed so easily. From the position she was in, Alice managed to loosen Jordan’s grip on one of her wrists. She grabbed the girl’s hot, wet pussy, thrusting her fingers in even farther than before. Shocked, the girl bit Alice’s nipple, but it didn’t hurt. It only aroused Alice even more. Jordan released her mouth’s grip on the nipple and began to kiss Alice passionately. From underneath the girl, Alice could move her fingers around and stroke every part of her lady bits. Alice lifted Jordan by the pussy, sliding down to where her mouth once again had access to the clit. She nibbled playfully, making the girl spasm as a result.

Alice loved the affect she seemed to have on Jordan. She had obviously fucked other girls before, but this one just seemed so different. What was it about this little sex doll that made Alice want her so bad?

Alice began tonguing with more fervor, like she wanted nothing more than to devour Jordan’s delicious pussy. Before she had a chance to make the girl reach climax, Jordan pulled away, but only to position herself perfectly to return the oral favor. Their tongues seemed to move in sync, as though they had eaten each other out numerous times before. It was hard to believe they’d only just met at the hotel bar. Jordan began to grind on her face, and Alice flattened her tongue, licking the clit up and down. She twirled her tongue around inside her partner’s cunt, and the girl let out what seemed to be the loudest and most eager moan yet. Alice could tell she was doing something right. She wasn’t the only one, however. Jordan seemed to be an expert at going down on a woman. Her warm tongue somehow found all the right places.Alice-Sex-Dolls-Posing-Nude-for-dirty-knights-sex-dolls-1 (15)

Alice couldn’t hold back any longer. She was going to climax, and it was going to be soon. She decided to throw everything she could into the remaining moments, and fuck this girl like she’d never been fucked before. Flipping Jordan over, Alice began fisting her. She thrusted vigorously, but not enough to cause pain. Not the bad kind of pain, anyway. The girl moaned uncontrollably, and when it seemed as though she couldn’t take any more, Alice removed her hand, and replaced it with her mouth once more. She sucked on the lips of Jordan’s pussy, and in a matter of seconds felt the girl’s warm sex juices filling her mouth. Now, it was her turn. As though Jordan read Alice’s mind, she took position, lifting her partner’s legs over her shoulders, grabbing her ass cheeks, and began mouth fucking Alice’s pussy. She thrusted her tongue in and out repeatedly, and in the moment Alice thought it felt better than any cock that had ever filled her lady bits.

Nearing the peak, Alice grabbed hold of Jordan’s head, and began grinding on her face. She’d never felt this much pleasure before, and found every second to be more breathtaking than the one before. When she couldn’t hold it in any longer, Alice exploded, her sex juices filling Jordan’s mouth. There was so much that most of it escaped, ending up on her partner’s sexy body. Even after orgasm, looking Jordan up and down aroused Alice, and made her horny all over again.Alice-Sex-Dolls-Posing-Nude-for-dirty-knights-sex-dolls-1 (4)

The girls decided to move to the shower, where the hot water and steam made a go for round two irresistible. The second time Alice couldn’t even last as long as the first. Neither could Jordan though, so she wasn’t at all embarrassed about it/ When they were both clean, or as clean as they could get before being tempted to fuck again, Alice grabbed a towel, handed it to Jordan, and found one to dry herself off as well. The whole time she dried herself, Alice wondered how to ask to see the girl again, without seeming too desperate. Alice wasn’t the type of girl to want anything more than a fuck and done, but she just couldn’t get the past few hours out of her mind. She had to have her again. Soon. Alice walked back into the hotel room and smiled with relief when she found Jordan’s coat lying on the floor. She grabbed a notepad and pen from her nightstand and began writing her number down. She wrote a little note afterwards.

“Mind-blowing. Thinking about next time already. XOXO, Alice”

Alice slipped the note into the coat pocket, and out of the corner of her eye saw Jordan walking out of the bathroom, drying her long blonde hair with a towel. She got dressed, and while walking out the door, turned, smiled, and winked. Alice wasn’t sad to see her go. She knew they would meet again soon for another Dirty Knight.

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