Whether you choose to hide your sex doll or show it off, we have the perfect solution for you. Dirty Knights has everything from Suspension kits to head mounts, to furniture cases.  If you have got the need, we have your solution! All of our storage solutions have been tested to work for the dolls we carry here at Dirty Knights Sex Dolls.  Don’t overpay for storage and don’t settle for cheap solutions.  We provide you with quality options meant to keep your precious investment, free from damage and ready for your next visit!

Choosing your Sex Doll Storage  Solution

Choosing a hook suspension system is typically the cheapest and easiest way to go.  Simply detaching your dolls head will allow you to screw in the hook and then simply hang the doll from a reinforced rack / closet rod.  For some dolls this won’t work however, an example would be the Piper Dolls.  Detaching the head is not possible with Piper due to their seamless neck design.

The other option is to lay or stand your doll in a case.  The case option is great for those who wish to keep their doll private.  They are also better to keep dust and debris off the dolls skin.  Cases are typically laid down, however, you could stand or bolt the case upright against a wall and simply stand your doll up inside of it.  The choice is yours!  Get creative with your dolls storage and send us a picture!

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