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This Is Why 2020 Will Be The Year Of Sex Dolls Videos.


Looking to see some great action in 2020?  Look no further than the webs newest and only, sex doll videos tube, www.Slut30.com


With the ever-growing market of sex doll owners, it was a given that these real dolls would end up on the front stage.  Customers purchasing sex dolls can’t wait to pull out the camera and begin filming the acts that they have always wanted to film but weren’t allowed to.  But what fun is filming if there is no one to watch, right?  Enter Slut30.com to take care of that pesky problem.  Slut30 created a website that pulls content that is floating around in inconspicuous places around the web and puts it all in one place to see.


How will this new Sex Doll Videos site help you?

Nobody loves spending hours of their time searching around for just the right content to “twist”, and that is the number one area that Slut30 succeeds.  “Having so many videos in one place, and revolving around one niche, makes it delightful for sex doll owners and enthusiasts to spend time at”.  That was from Michael Knight, the owner of Slut30 and Dirty Knights Sex Dolls.  “My mission is to create a space for people with like minds to hang out”, he added.  And after all, who wouldn’t want to spend some time with your doll lover brethren?  Connecting with others in this niche will allow you to keep up to date in all aspects of the sex doll industry.  Anything from brand info, to pricing, to incoming technological advances can be shared among the enthusiasts via comments, chat and blog posting.


Why not just post your Sex Doll Porn on Xvideos or Pornhub?

That’s a great question but the answer is obvious when you think about it.  All of the bigger tube sites like Xvideos, Pornhub, Youporn, etc. mix the sex doll video content amongst their other videos making it difficult to find, even when typing in sex dolls in the search bar.  Why is that you might ask?  Well, unfortunately, the people uploading porn to those sites often use the words doll and sex in the video descriptions even though the uploaders aren’t referring to actual doll sex.  They are using the term doll in the old school fashion, often as a descriptive word for the female in the video.  Because of the enormous amount of videos uploaded daily, the vetting of the videos is almost impossible.  Because Slut30.com focuses on the sex doll niche, they have fewer videos to pan through and can delete the uploaded videos that don’t actually contain sex dolls in them.


Is Slut30 just an Advertising platform for Sex Dolls and more specifically for Dirty Knights Sex Dolls?

Actually no, it isn’t.  Let me explain that further.   After speaking with Mr. Knight, it was obvious that he wasn’t looking to keep the site as an advertising platform to his sex doll sales site.  He stated that he actually hoped some of the other doll companies out there would approach him for advertising opportunities and for help in reaching out to their customer base to help grow interest in the site and its mission.  That mission is to create a safe space for doll lovers to show off their beloved dolls and to encourage more people to accept sex doll ownership as readily as they accept ownership of any other type of sex toy or device.

You see, despite the massive sales and ever-increasing interest in the sex doll industry, it’s often still seen as taboo for men or women to own one.  The reason varies as to why this is, but one reason that sticks out is that the idea of sex dolls tends to conjure images of the 1970’s inflatable blow-up dolls.  You know the ones I am talking about, the kind you give to a buddy as a gag gift!  So in essence, ignorance is often to blame for the taboo thought.  However, once skeptics see the modern-day dolls and how realistic these sex dolls look, their minds often change quickly!



Sex Doll Videos will be a big hit in 2020 due to their ever-increasing demand by doll owners and enthusiasts.  As the realism of sex dolls increases, more and more people look for true life representations of how intercourse is achieved thus turning to home videos submitted by doll owners.  Websites like Slut30.com will gain momentum in 2020 for focusing their attention sex doll related material.


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