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A Guide To Sex Dolls

All about your new Sex Doll A Basic Sex Doll Guide

After reading this, you will learn all that you will need to know about your new Sex Doll!

Welcome to the Dirty Knights Club! That’s right, you are now one of us, proud sex doll owners!. You spend the time researching the brand you want, you’ve designed her to be perfect and spent your hard earned money on your new partner. So what’s next you ask? Long days and nights of passion, life-long companionship, and much more! Your friends will be envious, assuming you decide to show her off, and you’ll never have to worry about answering to her, because she’s all about you!

To reward you, we’ve created a guide for you to use. Think of it as a user’s, or how-to guide for sex dolls. Your enjoyment and satisfaction is important to us and that is why we have taken the time to write this and provide you with the information you’ll need to maintain your sex doll’s appearance and function, and how to properly use her (or him!).

Keep in mind, this is a guide for those who have purchased a doll already. If you are still up in the air, or needing help in making the decision, call us, email us or read our 2019 sex doll buyer’s guide!

Taking delivery of your new doll!

Ding Dong.. That’s the doorbell, she’s here! You rush to the door in excitement and find that large box, knowing what is inside you rush to the kitchen for a knife to cut the tape that is so annoyingly keeping you away from your new sex doll partner. Where do you start you wonder…

Slow down cowboy, you’ll get to use her soon enough! Let’s take the time necessary to make sure everything is done right. For you sake, the dolls sake and ours, your new partner.

  1. First Step: Take a phone or camera and document your dolls arrival, after all, this is a large investment and you want everything to go smoothly. Take a photo of the box it arrived in, right where the delivery driver left it and before opening.
  2. Second Step: Move the box with the doll inside of an area that allows plenty of room for you to un-box and remove doll. Be careful when doing this as the doll can be very heavy, depending on your dolls size, a boxed doll can weigh 75 or more pounds. Use proper lifting procedures and if you have the ability, find a dolly or any other means to assist you in moving the doll. A dolls weight is “dead weight”, so keep that in mind before you go lifting her out of the box like a young 18 year old!
  3. Third Step: Find a tool such as a knife, scissors, razor blade, etc.. and cut the taped area across the box seems. Cutting here will allow you to remove the top of the box easily and will ensure that you don’t accidentally cut your doll in the unpacking process. Once the top of the box is removed, take the time to carry it out of the room. I promise you, it will get in the way if you don’t.
  • Tip: I personally suggest bringing a solid chair into the room to sit the doll in once removed from the box.

4. Fourth Step: With box top removed, take photo of box contents, then remove the doll head and any accessories you find.

Leave the doll head in the protective bag until you are ready to place on top of your dolls body. This will prevent any unwanted dust, hair or debris from sticking to the skin and will help prevent accidental damage during the body’s unpacking process. Set the accessories aside for now. These products will help you keep your doll clean, they typically include a bulb like water cleanser, a comb, some soft handling gloves, the wig you chose for your doll, and a basic outfit or robe to dress her in.

5. Fifth Step: Removing the sex doll body from the box.

Use much care for this as the doll is heavy. Using the included doll blanket or plastic wrapping, wrap your arms around the doll and lift her out of the box and onto the bed, floor or chair. Once she is out, you can carefully cut off any protective wrappings the dolls body may contain.

  • Tip: Instead of lifting the dolls straight body out of the box, bend her legs straight up, then bend at knees, so she is in a “sitting” position, but lying on her back. Then lift her arms so they are pointing straight out in front of her. Next, lift her out of the box and sit her in the chair I suggested you have ready next to the box.

6. Final Step: Place doll head on the body.

Using care, unwrap the dolls head from its protective cover and screw it onto the sex doll body. USE CAUTION NOT TO OVER-TIGHTEN! If you screw the dolls head all the way on and it’s facing backwards, just loosen it up a turn, don’t try to over-tighten a turn, you’ll damage your doll!

  • Optional Final Step: Before placing doll head on body, transport your dolls body to the shower, bathtub or anywhere you are able to wash her, and give her a good washing using anti-bacterial soap. This will help remove the excess oils that the doll may have on her and make her nice and pretty! You can wash the dolls head to, but be careful not to get water in the eye sockets and take care around the eyelashes.

That wasn’t so bad was it!

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Making Love to Your Doll
making love to sex doll

Ok, well we’ve got her (or him) un-boxed and its time to see what all this hype is about, right? I mean, you spent a lot of money, you’ve waited for weeks to get it and you about broke your back lifting out of the box. So something good has to be waiting! That’s what we’ll cover next.

“V” is for Vagina!

Perhaps the most common of sexual practices, vaginal sex is fun for all involved. Our dolls come with realistic vaginas and even have the options for hair or hairless, depending on your taste. Some are ridged in side, some have bumps, some even come with a “Virgin” option! Whichever you get, it’s going to feel fantastic.

You’ll also notice that there is the option for built in or removable vaginas. More about these can be found in our 2019 Sex Doll Buyers Guide, but in short, removable will be easier to clean-up, but the trade off is in looks. The built in vagina’s are much more realistic in appearance. But again, both feel great, I can attest to that first hand!

The key with doll sex is use of lube. Do not skimp and be sure to use WATER based lube! Important! And you may wonder if you are “allowed” to release inside of your doll. Of Course!

“A” is for Anal!

Guess what you won’t have to do anymore? That’s right, no more sweet talking your lady to get in that rear! Our dolls are more than willing and always ready for this. In fact, they are designed to in a manner that allows the orifice to fit snugly around your manhood. You’re going to experience anal sex in a way you’ve never felt before, and without the “mess”. Have fun guys!

“O” is for Oral!

What’s better than a foot long hot dog at a Yankee’s game? Oral sex with your new sex doll! You guessed, it, all our dolls have oral capabilities. Just when you thought you were done, now you have one more hole to play around with! For you well endowed folks, take it easy on a girl, after all, she may not gag, but she still has a limit! Use lube and be sure to clean out thoroughly when finished. Set up a camera on a tripod and make a nice video of your doll performing oral, its a great view!

Lube? Where’s the LUBE!Water Based Anal Lube for Sex Dolls

I mentioned it before, and I’ll say it again, don’t go pokin’ holes without wetting the willie! If you want your doll to give you years of pleasure and not just months, take care of her. Use a good water based lube such as Swiss Navy, Trojan, KY, Durex, Astroglide, and the list goes on. There’s plenty out there, and they all work, so no excuses. Lube up. If you wondering “why water based?”, its because the silicone or oil based lubes, they will cause damage to the TPE material that your doll is made of.

Tip: Lube is messy, and I’m assuming you’ll apply it to your hand first, then spread it on your penis and then perhaps work some up into the doll. Now your hand is messy! Keep a damp or wet towel near by to wipe your hand that way you don’t go gettin’ lube all over your dolls body and hair and other places lube don’t need to be!

Doll Storage.

Storing your doll can be challenging. Finding a suitable storage solution can be achieved in several ways however. You can purchase doll cases from our site, or you can do less traditional means and use a solid metal hook to hang your doll from a closet bar. Many people also build sitting chests that are large enough for the doll to be laid in, and look great at the foot of your bed. Cases that are low profile and fit under your bed can be made or purchased as well.

Keep in mind where you store your doll though because dolls can succumb to the damaging effects of extreme heat, cold, dusty or dirty areas, etc.. You’ll also want to be sure to use your doll often, or at least get her out of storage and move her around a bit to keep the doll from getting “Flat” on any of its surfaces. While the dolls material does hold shape well, storing a doll lying flat on its back for a year would most likely cause some deformation of its original shape.

Dressing Your Sex Doll

This is an area where opinions can really vary.
For some of our customers, their doll is strictly purposeful.
Clothing is just unnecessary nuisance that they don’t bother with. If you have no interest in dressing your doll, you can just skip this part. We understand completely.
If you do want to dress your doll in a variety of outfits and costumes, you aren’t alone.
For many folks, this is often a part of the fun and fantasy of owning a sex doll.
You can use wear to act out fantasies, or to role-play.
Many of our purchasers get pleasure from shopping for wear and accessories a bit like they might purchase gifts for any special companion.

If you like the concept of shopping for garments and accessories for your sex doll, we’ve some nice tips for you.

Our dolls are very petite. You will get your best results searching in stores for petite girls and sting with little and XS sizes.
For numbered sizes within the U.S. attempt a size zero or one.

We include each dolls measurements. If you give this information to sales staff in higher end stores, they can recommend the right size to you. Try purchasing a few inexpensive articles of clothing first until you find the right size. This way you won’t spend too much money on anything that isn’t a perfect fit. Safety pins are very handy! They can pin back shirts and skirts that are just a bit too big. This will create a very attractive silhouette. In any case, remember that this is supposed to be enjoyable. Experiment with different styles. Order a few lingerie catalogs. You can even check out cosplay choices for your sex doll. Have you fantasized about spending time with a police officer, stripper, cheerleader, even your favorite video game character? This is your chance to role-play and act out your hottest fantasies.

Accessorizing Your Doll

If you get pleasure from dressing your doll, you can also add a few accessories. A nice bracelet, for example, or anklet can be very attractive. Just be careful. Avoid exploitation jewelry or different accessories that square measure too significant, or that could stain or scar your doll. Remove any accessories when you are finished. It’s never a good idea to store your doll while it’s wearing any extra jewelry.

Your Doll’s Hairstyle

Your doll will arrive at your home with a wig. You can conjointly purchase further wigs for your doll. If you take good care of your wigs, they will last a long time. You can shampoo them like regular hair. You can also style your doll’s wig, and add hair accessories if you would like. Just like real folks, a slightly new hairstyle or color can give your doll an entirely new-look.
That’s pretty exciting. Perfumes and colognes It’s Perfectly Normal to want your doll to smell great during sex. The smell of an amazing cologne or perfume can trigger some intense memories and make sex amazing. We don’t need to prevent anybody from enjoying this expertise. However, we also I want you to avoid causing any unintentional damage. If you want to use fragrance or cologne, spray the dolls clothing rather than the doll itself. Fragrances are usually alcohol-based and are not good for silicone or TPE. The scent could also seep into the doll’s material and then turn. That would not be pleasant for anyone.

Women and Sex DollsDirty Knights Sex Dolls For Women

Yes, women do purchase and enjoy sex dolls. Sometimes they do this on their own, in other instances they do it alongside their partner. Like men, girls use dolls to act out their sexual fantasies and to pleasure themselves.

Of course the interaction itself is a bit different. To put it simply, penetrating a sex doll is much different from being penetrated.
To accommodate these variations, our male dolls have removable sex organs.
Feel free to use this just as you would a dildo. This of course also works for males who prefer to bottom. Some of our customers who would rather catch than pitch prefer variations of the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions.

Other sex acts

Our dolls square measure created to be treated like folks. Feel free to carry your doll, hug it, caress it, try new positions, and even get a bit rough with it. enjoy how realistic it feels to touch and make love to. Get creative and play out your fantasies. Some of our clients even have threesomes with their partners as well as their sex dolls. Yes, very extreme behaviors can cause damage but normal sexual play is absolutely fine. When in doubt, go-slow and check for any signs of damage before you proceed.

Cleaning your sex doll

A clean and well-kept doll will last a long time. We’ve already provided you with some very thorough cleaning and care constructions for your doll. Just keep in mind there square measure 2 vital tools for serving to you retain your doll clean and healthful.
The first is the vaginal irrigator. You can order this online or pick one up at your local sex shop. Don’t worry, if you choose to order this product online, most companies are very discreet. You simply fill the bulb syringe with water or soapy water and inserted into any cavity you have used. Just squeeze the bulb to flush out your doll. This will work for any port that you just have used.

If your doll contains a removable channel cleansing is even easier. Simply remove the vagina and take it to your sink or shower for cleaning. We should note that using a condom is also an option. However, it isn’t necessary. It only takes a few minutes to go through the steps required to clean your doll.

Don’t forget to follow our instructions for keeping the rest of your doll clean as well. Wipe your doll down after each use, and make sure it is completely dry. Remove any tight covering or something that might stain. Some people choose to powder their doll before putting it into storage. If you choose to powder your doll, please stick with a simple, cornstarch based powder. It’s imperative that you wait until the doll is dry to apply the powder. Otherwise, it creates a pastey mess.

Sex Doll Repair

Your doll will last quite a long. The exact lifespan of your doll will depend on how often you use it, and how ‘intense’ your sessions are. In any case, our dolls are well-designed, made from quality materials, and quite robust.
They rarely break. When they do, it’s usually quite easy to repair them. We area unit happy to supply all of our customers with a repair kit for his or her dolls. We also make and sell replacement parts. If you are unable to complete a repair on your own, you may contact us. We is also ready to repair your doll in house, and arrange to ship it back to you.

Customizing Your Doll

Every doll we tend to produce has been designed by superb artists, is engineered by professionals, looks amazing, and feels just like a real woman. If you get one in all our dolls ‘off the rack’, you will be quite satisfied.
In fact, many of our customers have expressed their happiness to us. Still, some of our clients want something a bit special. These discerning folks opt to have a doll designed and custom-built to their specifications. If you’d wish to build the doll of your dreams, contact us for more details. As long as you meet a few requirements, we will be very happy to work with you.

Traveling With Your Sex Doll

Some of our customers enjoy their dolls so much that they take them along wherever they go.
If you’re merely searching for some fun on the road, please know that there are several options for you.
These are fairly portable. Still, if you insist on taking a full-size doll with you, it can certainly be done.
You simply treat it even as you’d traveling with any massive object that needs a small amount of discretion.

Many of our customers choose to ship their doll ahead of time. This way, it is there for them when they arrive. Just be aware that you will likely have to handle your doll on your own. Neither the delivery person or travel staff will be willing to assist.

Final Thoughts

We know that a sex doll is kind of overpriced. That’s why we have created this guide. No matter however you employ your sex doll we would like each expertise you’ve got to be terrific. If you follow the tips we have provided, your doll will be in great shape for years to come. Even better you’ll be able to enjoy the time you spend with your doll so much more

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